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– How to Prepare Toddlers for In-Home Newborn Sessions –

Photo of mother, father, toddler, and newborn baby by Hoboken newborn photographer, Christina Claire Photography

Iā€™m participating in a blog circle this week and am sharing a link to a wonderful photographer in Washington! Make sure to check out her link at the end of this post.

As a Hoboken Newborn Photographer, I often get asked about the best ways to prepare brand new big-brothers and sisters for in-home newborn sessions. And I get it, and in-home session with a toddler and a brand new baby may seem stressful – but I promise, they can be very easy and fun! Here’s a few tips to help prepare an older sibling for an in-home newborn session:

  1. Talk About It: Start hyping up our session a few weeks before it happens! Toddlers love to know what to expect. You can let your toddler know that your friend Christina will be coming over to take pictures of them with their new baby, and that we’ll have lots of fun together.
  2. Positive Reinforcement: Praise and encourage your toddler throughout the session, and save re-direction or consequences for later.
  3. Go with the Flow!: Toddlers tend to move in and out of newborn sessions. For example, your toddler may hop in a few shots, leave to get a snack, and come back for a few more shots a bit later. This is absolutely fine and nothing to be worried about! I promise we will get all of the shots we need šŸ™‚
  4. Timing: In-home newborn sessions typically take place around 9:30 or 10:00 am, well before your toddlers nap time. Everyone tends to be happier in the morning!
  5. Bribes are Fine: You know your toddler best! Will the promise of a marshmallow or a special sticker change everything? Go. For. It. No judgment here šŸ™‚
  6. Don’t Sweat the Tantrums: Tantrums happen. Don’t worry about it! I have two small kids of my own, and I’ve been there! If tantrums happen, we can always take a break, get a snack, re-set, and try again.

Here are some more images from this beautiful in-home newborn session with a proud big-brother:

I hope this list takes some of the stress off of scheduling an in-home newborn session with a toddler. If you’re looking for a Hoboken Newborn Photographer, or have any questions about in-home newborn sessions, feel free to reach out to or head over to for more information

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  1. Aleah Gregory Avatar

    Great tips! I love your tip about bribes. Sometimes that’s the best solution šŸ™‚

  2. Michele Quattrin Avatar

    These are such good tips because parents really should prepare their toddler for newborn sessions but it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

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