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Bergen County Maternity Photographer | Registry Ideas for Your Second Baby

Is it me or does every pregnancy fly by a little bit faster? As a maternity photographer in Bergen County, I love seeing my clients through multiple pregnancies! When I was pregnant with my first, I read every baby book, meticulously researched every baby product, and checked the pregnancy app on my phone to find out whether the baby was the size of a blueberry or a banana every. single. day. Sometimes multiple times a day!

With my second pregnancy, however, I spent most of my time chasing around my 2 year old toddler. All of a sudden I was due in a matter of weeks, and very, very unprepared. If you find yourself in the same boat, here’s a list of some items to have on hand as your prepare for the arrival your second baby.

Registry Ideas for Your Second Baby

Maternity photos of mother, father, and toddler girl, by Bergen County maternity photographer Christina Claire Photography

Second babies need things too! Even if you skip the baby shower with your second pregnancy, it’s a good idea to start a registry. It will help you keep track of what you need, and give well-meaning family members some useful ideas.

1. Double Stroller. If your kids are going to be close in age, this is a must! I love the side-by-side models, like this one for everyday use or this lightweight alternative.

2. Baby Carrier. Keep baby close to you while you still have both hands to chase after your toddler! I loved this one, and these look amazing too.

3. Sound Machine. So necessary, especially when baby and toddler naptimes don’t line up! I swear by this one.

4. Keepsakes. Second babies often get a lot of hand-me-downs, which is great! But they deserve something special too, just for them. I love a personalized baby hat or a sweet little lovey

Finally, don’t forget to book your maternity photos! I skipped professional maternity photos with my second pregnancy, and I still regret it. You’ll never regret documenting your final days as a family of three. If you’re looking for a maternity photographer in Bergen County, head over to my website for more information: Christina Claire Photography

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