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 As a family photographer in Northern NJ, I love helping my clients prepare for their family sessions throughout the year. A little bit of preparation goes a long way!

Iā€™m participating in a blog circle this week and am sharing a link to a wonderful photographer in DC! Make sure to check out her link at the end of this post.

Here are my top tips to make the most of your family session this year:

1. Chose your wardrobe a few weeks in advance. This will relieve so much stress the week of your session! I always tell moms to chose their dress first, and go from there. Simple clothing in neutral colors photographs best. Avoid dark colors, neons, and busy patterns, as they reflect unflattering colors into your faces; and no one wants that! If you’re having a hard time finding neutral clothing for your next session, try Zara or H&M. They have a great selection of neutral pieces for kids!

2. Make sure everyone is well fed. Depending on the time of year, family sessions take place in the late afternoon or evening, which can be witching hour for babies and toddlers! Giving everyone (that includes you, parents!) a big meal before we start can lead to happier smiles and a better experience.

3. Bring treats for the littles. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve, but it is always good to have something in your back pocket, just in case we need it. Special snacks that don’t stain faces (think, mini marshmallows!) work great. I recommend that parents leave any special treats hidden in the diaper bag or in the car, and only pull them out if we absolutely need it!

4. Relax and have fun. Family sessions should be fun! I want to capture your family exactly as you are, chaos and all. When parents relax and focus on connecting with their kids, it leads to the natural & authentic images that you’ve been wanting.

Here are some images from a recent outdoor family session. This family implemented the above tips perfectly, and we had so much fun together!

Mother kissing baby boy during fall family session in Northern NJ
Family of four with baby on father's shoulders during fall family session in Northern NJ
Family of four during fall family session in Northern NJ
Family of four sitting on rocks in a park, during fall family session in Northern NJ

If you are looking for a family photographer in Northern NJ, head over to my website for more information: Christina Claire Photography.

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11 responses to “Northern NJ Family Photographer | Christina Claire Photography”

  1. Gillian Avatar

    These photos are so gorgeous and what wonderful tips!

  2. Aleah Gregory Avatar

    These are great tips for a family session! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Molly Dercolo Avatar

    I love all the tips you’ve shared for making the most of a family session. Treats can be such a great motivator for littles! Stubborn spouses too šŸ˜‚

  4. Michele N Quattrin Avatar

    These are great tips for family sessions.

  5. Ashlie Avatar

    Great tips! Making sure kids are well-fed prior to the session is clutch!

  6. Seattle Birth Photographer Avatar

    Being well fed is totally a great point! Parents included! Great tips and beautiful photos.

  7. Ann Marie Grocholski Avatar

    Such great tips that we all need to remember for our family photos!

  8. Kristie Lloyd Avatar

    What a beautiful Fall session! Love that you remind clients to feed everyone beforehand. Hanger is real, lol, especially in little ones!

  9. Virginia Schultz Avatar

    Ok. But the best tip is to make sure everyone is well fed. HAHA. No one likes a hangry dad….or mom….or toddler!! lol. Wonderful blog post!

  10. Charsi Avatar

    beautiful images. And great tips…hungry kids can be kids that are so challenging to be happy for a session so feed them before and bring all the non-staining snacks.

  11. Christine Avatar

    Yes, treats! Such great tips. Love these photos and this cozy color palette!